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Our extensive knowledge of Chemical Science and our long-term strategy of further investments in material technologies position us well to be a lasting partner. Mitsubishi Chemical Group is a truly global technology and manufacturing company.

69,784 Employees


277 Subsidiaries & Affiliates

$30.47B Sales Revenue

(consolidated FY2019)

Our Automotive Industry Dedication

We have transformed our operations for our ongoing product development to be more sustainable and focused our businesses on providing materials and solutions to enable our customers to reduce their carbon footprints, differentiated, sustainable products and services, and financial value.

Our Automotive Solutions Team’s deep expertise and materials science leadership has enabled industry transformation, product roadmap, and breakthroughs. Our material scientists have a long history of developing innovative patent technologies that have transformed the automotive industry. Our team is ready to help your products transform into next-generation material technology.

Our Customer Commitment

With over 50 years of automotive material technology experience and our unwavering dedication to collaborating with our automotive customers around the world have set us apart from our competitors. In addition to providing innovative materials scientifically engineered to meet our customers’ specific needs, we are committed to sustainable operations and materials to enable our customers to be more sustainable and meet their toughest automotive material challenges.

New Science and Innovation Center

To help our customers with the toughest automotive and sustainable materials challenges, we have opened our new Science & Innovation Center in Yokohama City, Japan. Our state-of-the-art, six-story facility has a total floor area of 42,000 m2. Our facility will bring together Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s best R&D experts and scientists to collaborate on environmentally friendly and innovative material technologies, academia, and venture companies worldwide.

Innovation Center Research

The Science & Innovation Center is responsible mainly for basic research in fields close to science. The center creates innovation while ensuring internal and external communication. It also serves as the core of Technology platforms (TPF).

Carbon Fiber Forged Molding Compound (CF-FMC)

Mitsubishi Chemical’s CF-FMC is a sheet-type intermediate material made of cut high-strength carbon fiber impregnated with thermosetting resin. This material can be press molded, substantially reducing molding time compared to conventional autoclave or oven molding.In addition, compared with carbon fiber intermediates of continuous fibers, the random arrangement of short fibers ensures fluidity and makes it possible to mold intricately shaped parts like those with ribs and bosses.

Optical Clear Adhesive (OCA) sheet

Clearfit® OCA is used as bonding agent between layers of panels used in touch panels and other types of displays. The sheet has been achieved by utilizing adhesion design technologies and proprietary processing technologies. Use of this sheet to fill voids in the display prevents mirroring and improves both contrast and visibility.

Bioengineering plastic

DURABIO™ bio-based engineering plastic is derived from plant-based isosorbide. This transparent engineering plastic is characterized by superb transparency, durability, optical properties, surface characteristics, etc. We became the first company in the world to succeed in its industrialization. DURABIO™ has been increasingly used in interior and exterior members for vehicles, parts for mobile devices, etc.

Catalyst for MMA production and new functional monomer

MMA is a raw material monomer for PMMA (a transparent resin). The monomer production capacity of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group is ranked top in the world. The development of a high-performance catalyst for manufacturing MMA in order to increase the competitiveness of our plants and the development of functional methacrylate monomer underpin the No. 1 MMA business in the world from a technology viewpoint.

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