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Our material scientists are passionate about reimagining chemistry that increases safety while decreasing our collective impact on the earth. Using composites, performance polymers, and engineering plastics paired with specialty additives and coatings, we develop beautiful components that stand the test of time.

Award-Winning Innovation | CF FMC Roof

Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s Carbon Fiber Forged Molding Compound (CF FMC) won the 2021 SPE ACCE Innovation Award for its roof application. CF FMC was selected for the combination of high corrosion and heat resistance, dimensional stability, and high impact strength. In the GR Yaris roof, the material lowers the center of gravity, an important attribute for sports grade vehicles. CF FMC is available in various resin and fiber types for optimal design applications, with strength and modulus properties comparable to aluminum alloys. Additionally, the material cost for Mitsubishi’s material is lower than prepreg or RTM, also providing higher productivity.

Through our fully integrated carbon fiber supply chain, unique material proposal and quality management, Mitsubishi Chemical’s CF-FMC is an ideal choice for lightweight primary & secondary structural applications, closure panels and even visual CFRP applications.

Exterior Automotive Applications

Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s unique portfolio is ideal for automotive lightweight solutions such as carbon fiber, composites, high-performance TPOs and PPs, TPEs and TPVs, and engineering plastics. As a solution-driven partner, we will bring together high-performance materials, engineering processes, and innovative design expertise to help you transition into more sustainable exterior automotive material solutions.

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