Bio-based Materials


Using proprietary manufacturing technology, Mitsubishi Chemical Group has developed the world’s only plant-derived polycarbonate diol (BENEBiOL PCD). Unlike conventional PCDs that cannot exhibit multi-functional characteristics, BENEBiOL combines the key attributes of monomers with those of PCD to create a sustainable material with excellent flexibility, chemical and stain resistance, and soft-touch haptics to replace petroleum-based PCD.



DURABIO is an innovative engineering plastic whose primary raw material is plant-derived isosorbide. Compared to conventional polycarbonate (PC) resin made from bisphenol A (BPA), it has higher transparency and superior optics. DURABIO has excellent scratch resistance and exhibits impact resistance comparable to that of PC resin.


Tefabloc™ TPU

TEFABLOC thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) elastomers include bio-based renewable resources. It is a highly durable material with resistance to chemicals, stains, and hydrolysis. TEFABLOC is globally recognized for its exceptional weatherability (non-yellowing when exposed to UV and the elements), as well as excellent transparency. It is suitable as an interior material for eco-friendly vehicles such as EVs.

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