Carbon Fiber Recycling

Mitsubishi Chemical Group continues to invest in material recycling toward a circular economy. As a carbon fiber manufacturer, Mitsubishi Chemical is well-equipped to support the entire lifecycle of carbon fiber—from creation and use to recycling and re-use. The global, fully integrated carbon fiber value chain, including precursors, fibers, intermediates, compounds, and molded parts allows Mitsubishi Chemical a distinct advantage to customers who have access to high-performance and sustainable material solutions.

PMMA (acrylic resin) Recycling

Using Mitsubishi Chemical acrylic resin recycling technologies, manufactured MMA (methyl methacrylate) and acrylic resins produced using MMA as a raw material retain the same level of performance, including transparency, as virgin products. Moreover, it is estimated that CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process can be cut by over 70% of conventional levels. As world’s No. 1 manufacturer of MMA and acrylic resins, MCGs actively taking the lead in implementing initiatives to realize a circular economy.

Partnerships for realizing the Circular Economy

Partnership in High-Performance Polymer Recycling

In November 2021, Mitsubishi Chemical Group announced a partnership with Celanese to jointly develop a recycled POM material–POM ECO-R. This POM ECO-R solution is available with up to 30% recycled content, significantly reducing the environmental burden.

Solvay/MCG Partnership for Recyling End-of-Life Medical Components

In March 2022, Mitsubishi Chemical Group and Solvay announced the companies are furthering their partnership by investigating the implementation of logistics for recovery, recycling, and reprocessing of PSU medical components into a recycled material being suitable for reuse in the original applications.

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